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There are few things more challenging that facing a wardrobe crammed with clothes. A visit to your wardrobe should be one that fills you with joy by presenting many options of what to wear. If this is not to case for you it could be caused by purchasing things that do not work with your shape, lifestyle or personality it could also be a result of a wardrobe that has not been culled of items that no longer fit, are seriously out of date, not the current or sentimental keepsakes-all topics for another time.

The other big reason is a poorly organised wardrobeAn organised wardrobe has items that are;


👉Grouped in style and or color

👉Arranged so they are easily accessible and

👉Filled with only items of the current season.

Here are some arrangement tips;

1-By color, group like colors together

2-By garment group like styles together

3-By occasion work, home and dressy items

4-Necklaces and scarves place on hooks or hangers

5-Shoes; store on a shelf. side by side and heel out/toe out.

6-Knickers, Bras and socks in boxes in your draws grouped and folded.

7-Correct hangers. Use hangers designed for your items- recycle wire hangers.

Life is too short to be wasting time being frustrated by your wardrobe. Learn how to look your best and organise your wardrobe so you can let of the frustration and get on with all things that matter.

Posted On 22 November, 2021 in General by florence

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