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Colour Contrast is just one of the things you learn when you discover your best colours, because it’s not just about the colours that suit you but also how to best wear them.
ln today’s post the outfit on the left is low contrast, the middle one is medium contrast and the one to the right is high contrast.
When it comes to contrast not everyone suits all three levels and each one solicits a different response from people.
A colour analysis brings will it so many benefits, from discovering which colours suit you best for clothing, hair colour and makeup to insights into personality and even how to dress to make the best of your shape – yes all via colour.
In fact, knowing your style without your colours is like watching a silent movie without subtitles – you can miss the message completely.
Feel free to contact us for further details about our directional color analysis service.
Posted On 12 June, 2023 in General by florence