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Don’t start each day in the new year stressed by your clothes. A crammed closet is often the result of buying too much and wearing too little. A cramped closet causes a closet fitted with frustration and confusion and is caused by not knowing what suits you and how to put outfits together.
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Let me help you with a wardrobe revamp session.
It is an invaluable session that provides clarity and purpose to what is in your closet. I can easily identifies the styles that work for your shape and colouring as well as the items that don’t deserve to be in there.

~During our session together we
~Find the star player in your closet.
~Evict the saboteurs and imposters
~Discover all your best outfits

And the missing items that will expand and enhance what you already own.

Sessions take 3-4 hours.

Contact us for further details about our Wardrobe Audit consultation.

Posted On 8 January, 2023 in Image Consultant,Personal Styling,Wardrobe Audit by florence