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Here are some tips for choosing colors for fabrics and prints:
-Consider the purpose of the fabric and the setting it will be used in.
-Use a limited color palette for a cohesive look.
-Use warm and cool colors to create contrast and draw attention to important elements.
-Use analogous colors to create a subtle, unified look.
-Use complementary colors to create a vibrant, dynamic look.
-Use monochromatic colors to create a subtle, sophisticated look.
-Use shades, tints, and tones to create depth and texture.
-Consider the psychology of color to evoke certain emotions.
-Use color theory to create visually pleasing designs.
Consider fabric textures and patterns when choosing color.

A color analysis brings with it many benefits, from discovering which colours suit you best for clothing, hair color and makeup to insights into personality and even how to dress to make the best of your shape – yes, all via colour.

Posted On 12 June, 2023 in Color Analysis by florence