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Dress for excellence workshop

My take was color co-ordination the importance to match what we wear and also to look good always because people we meet for the first time will have the picture of us  how we looked the first we met them.

The presentation was very well designed and to the point. She reminded us of the importance of excellence in relation to fashion and style.

Brilliant workshop, never thought of the importance of matching my skin color and with the color of clothes.


Elevate your appearance seminar

Thank you Florence for your brilliant performance on Saturday, my friends very happy with the content and your presentation.


I would like to recommend Florence to anyone who needs wardrobe audit and who don’t. Florence sorted out all my clothes into sections from everyday/weekend and occasion wear. I found clothes l forgot about. Florence did the audit in my wardrobe and gave some tips and tricks how to look great. We spent the afternoon together and my wardrobe looks much better without any stress. I would recommend Florence’s service without hesitation  (MP)


Florence is the best if you find it hard throwing things out and have too much stuff. Florence will help you tidy your things and life up (SS)


Thank you Florence. I really enjoyed the experience (CP)