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Signature color is a color that harmonise completely with your personal colouring to create a balanced visual effect.

The colors should complement one another and work together to create a unified result.

For example, a bright blue could be paired with a soft yellow to create a calming, natural look.

Additionally, the colors chosen should reflect the desired tone or emotion of the design, such as choosing warm colors for a design that conveys a sense of comfort or cool colors for a design that conveys a sense of energy.

A color analysis brings with it many benefits, from discovering which colours suit you best for clothing, hair color and makeup to insights into personality and even how to dress to make the best of your shape – yes, all via colour.

In fact, knowing your style without your colors is like watching a silent movie without subtitles – you can miss the message completely.

Let’s find your best colors. Contact us for further details.

Posted On 12 June, 2023 in Color Analysis by florence