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Don’t be fooled into thinking that a great price means a great buy.

If the garment does not

👗Flatter your shape

👗Fill a need in your wardrobe

👗Sync with your personality

👗Meet a lifestyle need

👗Coordinate with at least 3 other garments

Walk away

You and your style deserve better❓

Can you recognize the garments and accessories that suit you?❓

Do you know how to coordinate garments to create outfits that will have other’s saying-You Look Great!

IF you can’t and you’re ready to;

⭕Stop wasting time and money.

⭕Simply your wardrobe.

⭕Make dressing every day simple.

⭕Love how you look every day.

Posted On 15 June, 2021 in Personal Shopping,Personal Styling by florence

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