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Most of us have closets filed to the brim with items. New clothes add interest and energy to our look and mindset but without some management, our closets can soon become a confusing mess.

To prevent this use the ONE IN, ONE OUT RULE.For every new item, you add into your closet remove one and either

1-give it away

2-repurpose it

3-send it for recycling

4-use it as a cleaning rag or

5-toss it if it really can’t be re-used in any way.

If your closet is full of things, you rarely wear or feel good in, invest a personal styling service.

Learn how to dress, look and feel your best. Chances are very high that you you will repay the investment the very first time you go shopping.

Posted On 25 April, 2021 in Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence

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