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We’re getting to the time of year where overeating becomes a habit and our clothes are the first to suffer. Here is a few tips to hide the tummy.

Try one or a combination of the following tips to hide the pooch.

1-RUCHING: These clever folds are amazing at hiding rolls

2-PRINTS: Use these to great to break up space. Geometrics are best.

3-HIGH WAISTLINES: These as you can see in this photo to allow the fabric to fall gracefully past a tummy.

4-VERTICAL FEATURES: Think jackets to long scarves. Great for visually elongating an area which always slims.

5- SHAPE WEAR: Miracle workers that prevent wobbles.

6-FLUID FABRICS: These cause a beautiful drape to slim & flatter a full middle

Your personal style is your visual calling card to the world, speaking volumes about you before you’ve had a chance to utter a single word. When you look good you feel good you exude confidence, that is attractive and a magnet for positive opportunities of all kinds.

Posted On 11 April, 2021 in General by florence

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