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In your closet hides reminders of your past and clues to your personality and your present.

A crammed closet filed with clothes that remind us of failures, weight gain or a life that is no longer you is one that is not only ineffective but demotivating.

In the same way we are best to separate ourselves from people who hold us back, likewise, we are invigorated when we purge our closets of items no longer serving our best interests.

Are you in tune with your wardrobe and style?
Would you like to buy better, waste less, receive more compliments and feel great every time you walk out your door?


It all starts with learning about your shape and discovering all the clothing and accessory styles that suit you. Message me so we that we can discuss this further

Posted On 12 March, 2022 in Personal Shopping,Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence