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If l were to look into your closet what would l see?
Lots of black or denim items?

It’s easy to gravitate toward what you see as the same safe colors and types of styles. But there is only so many black dresses or denim any one person needs.

Owning multiple of the same items and colors can add unnecessary bulk to your closet, making it harder to get dressed.

If you are tempted by something you like but already own, ask yourself.
Do l like this version better than what l currently have?
How many of these do l really need?
The answer usually isn’t more than two, except when it comes to your work uniform.

A close filled with a diversity of colors and styles is one that will give you far greater joy and many more options.

If you need some help discovering the things that suit you best along with strategies that make deciding what to wear each morning easier message us.

Posted On 2 February, 2022 in Color Analysis,Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence