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Look down at what you are wearing today.

What surfaces does each possess? Matt, Sheen, Shinny or combination surface? Is the surface helping or hindering you look, given what area it’s being worn over?

Each surface has unique power to alter your appearance: from how large or small you appear to how formal or casual.

MATT is a surface that works for all situations and shapes. Its light absorbency keeps areas appearing flat and it therefore quite slimming while also spanning the occasion range from casual to formal.

SHEEN surfaces have only slight light reflectively and only increases weight a little. Err on the side of shape wear if you are unsure. Sheen is also wonderful at added the image of sophistication and elegance to your look and is suitable at all times of the day.

SHINY fabrics reflect a lot of light and can grossly exaggerate one’s size, so make sure you wear over your smallest area or in small amounts.

Shine is also seen as glamourous, fun and youthful.

A personal style and image consultation is the absolute best way to discover the styles, lines, designs, fabrics and colors best flatter your shape. It makes shopping so much effective as you will know what you need to be looking for and makes all the difference.

Posted On 1 April, 2022 in Color Analysis,Personal Shopping,Personal Styling by florence