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Green has more variations in hue than any other color ranging from cool sea greens to warm olives. When in its mid tone-parakeet green. It’s also a color that is considered trendy rather than classic.

Overall, green is a color of vitality, positivity, motivation and health.

To wear green most successfully know which greens suit you.
Here are five ways to coordinate green into your everyday style.
1- Team green with blue, from denim to navy.
2- Wear green neutrals such as black, white and camel.
3- Go monochrome for a creative nod. Avoid wearing the same shade head to toe unless you have some styling expertise under your belt.
4- Coordinate green with purple, magenta, orange or yellow for a strikingly creative image.
5- Take a caution when teaming parakeet and emerald greens with red- you’re likely to look like you are going to a Christmas pageant. A more flattering approach is to team red with olive tones.

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Posted On 8 July, 2022 in Color Analysis,Personal Styling by florence