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When shopping for new clothes you can simply grab lots of things that appeal to you and spend ages in fitting rooms trying them on OR you can develop an educated eye and examine those items that have sparked your interest by looking more carefully at the design elements to potentially waste time in the fitting room.

The first place to look at it the external silhouette of the garment- this should flatter and easily flow over your silhouette. Boxy shapes are best suited to like silhouettes while the more shapely an item is the more it suits a body with a curved silhouette.
Then it’s time to examine the internal design lines and features. These are things can most often sabotage the way you look.

Here are all the internal design features in this dress;

SEMI-FITTED SILHOUETTE: Flattering to most horizontal shapes.

COLAR STAND: rises up the neck visually shortening it. Open 2-3 buttons to counteract.

HALTERNECK: can both make the bust look larger and the shoulders wider- the later when there is medium to high color contrast between the skin and fabric.

BUTTON POSITIONING: perfect positioning to avoid gaping is where one button sits between the two nipples.

WILD BELT: will shorten a short torso and if stiff can be used to camouflage a minor to moderate midriff roll.

VERTICALLY ARRANGED BUTTONS: Increases the apparent length and decrease width.

VERTICALLY ARRANGED BUTTONS PLUS COLLAR: attracts eyes upward however in this dress they are then counteracted by the border design at the base of the skirt.

STRIPES: Multiple evenly spaced stripes in a medium color contrast against the background visually slim and length the body.

OPEN PLEATS: add bulk to the lower abdomen. Will suit a slender, large busted woman.

BORDER PRINT: at base of skirt: can visually decrease apparent height.

LENGTH: Can often shorten apparently height. Adding heels can counteract this.

If you are unhappy with the way you look, have nothing in your closet that inspires you or are in style funk, it’s time to do something about it.

A personal style and color consultation will make all the difference and set you on the path of loving your look and feeling confident.

PM us for further details about these consultations

Posted On 15 April, 2022 in Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence