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Since early civilization gold that has held a position of importance.

Gold denotes prestige, status and wealth. Gold is not worn as clothing as much as it is used in jewelry and accessories.

Too much gold can be seen as ostentatious.
My advise is color should be worn in equal measures to how it appears naturally in your environment.

Real gold, generally is found in very small quantities naturally so small touches of gold can work well.

Large solid gold jewelry and gold lame clothing is best saved for evening and special occasions.

Do you know if gold suits you? It does not suit everyone and the type of gold and surface are also important.

Discover if gold suits you along with the other colors (hint-there will be many) that will make you look fabulous with a personal color analysis session.

Knowing your best colors not only makes shopping easier but also dressing each day as the clothes in your closet will work effortlessly together creating multiple outfit options.

Posted On 28 January, 2022 in General by florence