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How do you feel when you stand in front of your closet?

Excited, Frustrated, Lost?
If your reaction is a negative one there can be several reasons. These can be your clothes no longer;
• Fit you
• Make you feel good
• Reflect who you are
• In sync with your needs
• In good repair
• Or, all you see are too many clothes and clutter

As we get older we start to appreciate the value of time, space and relationships in our live and none of us needs the first place we go every day that does not serve us.

So if you have a closet of clothes that no longer fits, flatters, reflect who you are, or are attached to bad memories, It is time to evict them..
Set the entire day aside to clear the clutter, find the garments that make you look and feel great. Evict the rest.

If you would like assistance sorting out your close and find the styles & outfits that work best for you, l offer personal style and color consultations.

Because clothes should be used as the tools you have at your disposal to lift your mood, make you feel attractive, confident and to attract others to you no matter what the situation.

PM me for further details.

Posted On 1 February, 2022 in Wardrobe Organising by florence