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Are you a professional lady that needs to elevate your appearance for any engagement?

Do you find it difficult to buy clothes that you wear and look great?

Would you like some help with knowing the right items to wear for your age, shape and personality?

I can help you to identify the styles that flatter your body & express your personality so that you can work towards achieving your life and business goals.

You have one opportunity to make first impressions so it is important you look your best.

Success is when opportunity meets preparation. This opportunity could be for a new job, job promotion, getting a business contract, meeting your future potential spouse on a first date etc.

When you dress well people perceive you trustworthy, successful, intelligent and suitable for hire or promotion.

At the end of the consultation I will create an online program for you that teaches style elements that suit you best and the basics of personal style coordination. You will keep this program for a life time.

Here’s what you’ll learn with the program-What to wear and which style flatter your shape.
-How to work fashion to your advantage by knowing what to buy and how to coordinate it.
-How to break a garment down into its style elements to instantly be able to eye an outfit or garment with the eyes of a stylist.
-How to stand out in the crowd and attract social and professional opportunities through pleasing and positive visual image.

Benefits of the program.
-Takes the guess work out of does this suit me.
-You shop quicker with less stress and more confidence.
-You will spend less and buy better.

The program covers over 660 garment elements and accessories in over 40 categories for both professional and casual wear.
Dresses to Coats
Pants to Skirts
Tops to Knitwear
Shoes to Sandals
Boots to Sneakers
Necklaces to Hats
Swimwear to Lingerie

Benefits of the program

1- Takes the guess work out of does this suit me.

2- Love what you wear and wear what you love.

3- Improve confidence through improved appearance.

4- Spend less, buy better.

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