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Imagine a day without color.

Choosing colours that compliment your natural skin tone, eyes and hair shade will improve your appearance by making you seem more attractive and energetic. Wearing clothes of the wrong shades can age your face and make you look drained and washed out.

Wearing the right colours will improve your general look and this will help you to build a wardrobe that interacts together at all levels & allows maximum use of every garment & accessory.

Colors dominate our senses and impact on our first impressions of other people. First impressions are vitally important. A sense of confidence and comfort in what we are wearing sends positive signals to other people. Subconsciously we are most happy with our appearance when wearing complimentary colours and it shows.

Collect colors can give the illusion of slimming the body; take the eye up to the face and away from the problem.

You will also learn which colors that you can wear in order to stand out for a job interview, a romantic date, brainstorming sessions, promotion meetings and public speaking events.

We provide in person and virtual consultations.

With the virtual service you don’t need to show up. We use the color tool to determine your color direction. You will receive a digital color swatch and the E-book with the information about your color direction

Book our directional colour analysis session to get all this information in detail.