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Let’s face it, we all look down at our tummy at times and sigh.

Don’t let a little bulge stop you from feeling and looking your best. Here are a few simple ways you can hide or deflect attention from your tummy;

👉Wear an open long top. Keeping it open will slim your middle and lengthen your torso.
👉Blouse anything tucked in. Tucking in tight only highlights a bulge.
👉Wear tops out and loose.
👉Employ a modern tuck or wear one side of a shirt out- fashionable and flattering.
👉Wear an eye-catching accessory or feature well away from you tummy.

Image consultants focus on you and take from fashion only the styles that;
Flatter your body
Express your personality
Work towards achieving your life and business goals
Be practical with your lifestyle
Work within your budget

What you wear should support and enhance you. From your shape and age to how you want the world to see you.

Clothes should be used and seen as the tools you have at your disposal to lift your mood, make you feel attractive and confident and to attract others to you no matter what the situation.

If you would like assistance to find the styles, clothes and outfits the work best for you, we offer personal styling consultations.

Posted On 1 February, 2022 in Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence