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Do you know your vertical ratio?
If not, you should

Your vertical ratio/body shape is the sister to horizontal ratio/body shape and each plays an equally essential role in determining what shapes and garments styles suit you best.

There are three vertical proportion types;
• Long Legs/Short torso
• Short Legs/Long torso
• Balanced body

Many women who have a short torso and long legs are often also tall. Women with an African heritage are often this body shape.

Women who proportionally long legs and a short torso are often best in;
• Narrow to waistband less skirts and pants
• Below waist rises (pants)
• Medium-long to long lengths for tops, sweaters and jackets
• Tops worn out or half-tucked
• Dresses that skim past the waist or sit below it to name just a few things.

If you don’t know your vertical ratio it may explain why some of your purchases end up living out their lives unworn, that is a financial and personal style shame.

Image consultants focus on you and take from fashion only the styles that;
Flatter your body.
Express your personality.
Work towards achieving your life and business goals.
Be practical with your lifestyle
Work within your budget.

What you wear should support and enhance you. From your shape and age to how you want the world to see you.

Clothes should be used and seen as the tools you have at your disposal to lift your mood, make you feel attractive and confident and to attract others to you no matter what the situation.

If you would like assistance to find the styles, clothes and outfits the work best for you.

Posted On 12 March, 2022 in Color Analysis,Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence