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With the seasons changing if you have summer in you sights, now is the time to pack away your winter clothes to make more room for your summer items.

Making room means you will be able to see what’s you have and be more inspired to mix and match older items with those you’ll purchase this season.

Here are tips to properly store away your woolens;

FOLD. Don’t hang you woolens to ensure they keep their shape.

CLEAN. If you’ve worn the item even once it will retain a little odour and oils from your body. If not cleaned before storing, over the summer months these can yellow the items.AIRTIGHT. The best way to store natural fiber items is in an airtight vacuum bag

.LAVENDER. Add a little lavender on a cloth in your airtight bag to leave a beautiful lingering fragrance to your woolens.

Posted On 15 June, 2021 in General by florence

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