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Knowing how to get the most of colors is something stylists do instinctively but being able to explain the why and how something works is often the realm of the image consultant.

As I explain why something works it helps you to understand and develop your style. The light brown shades of camel or tan are two of my-time favourites.

Here are my tips on who to master coordinating Camel and Tan;

■Add camel or tan to make a black outfit softer and more people-friendly.

■Add camel or tan to ground light coloured outfits to give them more substance.

■Add camel or tan to neutralize/tone-down bright colors.

■Wear a monochromatic camel or tan outfits or an elegant image. Be sure to use different textures or surfaces to lift the look from sombre.Coordinate with its complementary colour-blue for a head-turning style.

If you would like to learn more about the styles and colours that suit you and how to coordinate them into flattering outfits all it takes a few style and colour sessions with me.I offer in person and online/virtual style, color and image consultations. PM to get started.

Posted On 20 January, 2021 in Color Analysis,Personal Styling by florence

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