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Do you know your color terminology?

*ACHROMATIC COLORS: Non-colors. All values of black to white.

*NEUTRAL COLORS: Light, muted shades where it is difficult to name the underlying color. Neutral colors have a neutral, safe, conservative, non-involvement, non-emotional impact.

*NEAR NEUTRAL COLOURS: Medium to medium-dark muted colors. Often referred to as earthly colors. These are good as a wardrobe foundation/core colors as they coordinate well with many other colors.

What about all the other colors- orange, yellow, red, black, brown..?
Can you wear them?
Ah, that depends on your unique coloring: your skin, hair and level of contrast.

A colour analysis unlocks your specific and perfect range of colors that when worn will make an amazing difference to the way you look. And people will notice.

We offer directional color consultations.
Posted On 1 February, 2022 in Color Analysis by florence