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Assertiveness is a quality of those who are successful and successful people are found in all walks of life.

When you are assertive you gain the respect of others, you get more what you want and you don’t feel as frustrated or irrigated with others.

Assertiveness is the ability and willingness to speak up for yourself and to make your viewpoint hear and know without trampling on the rights or feelings of others.
There are many ways to be assertive. Today l want to describe the makers of physical assertiveness;

 The ability to look, act alert and enthusiastic.
 A person who is well dressed and groomed.
 Smiles easily and genuinely.
 Enters a room confidently
 Offers and gives a great handshake (pre/post covid)
 Holds head up high
 Looks people in the eyes
 Exhibits relaxed, expressive, open gestures
 Feels free to act/touch another appropriately
 Remains in control of emotions
 Leaves at an appropriate time
 Takes the initiative to speak up, introduce themselves and others
 Delivers their points with gusto

In the same way as your behavior affects other people so too does the way you dress.

Making an effort to look your best every day shows not only that you have good self-esteem it also shows respect for the organization you work for and your colleagues. 

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Posted On 15 August, 2022 in First Impressions,Image Consultant,Personal Styling,Wardrobe Organising by florence