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It is all to easy to think your image has everything to do with the way you look and little with anything else but that’s far from the truth.
It is true that how you look has a great impact on those you meet especially within the first few seconds however it’s your total image, the one you project once someone is interacting with you over time that solidifies and sets what they really think of you.

Total or holistic image 5 key areas
INNER IMAGE: Comprising of how you feel about yourself, your values, your experiences etc. This is the bedrock of who you are and how far you will go. When problems exist in this area they need to be addressed ASAP as they will sabotage all of other four areas.

ASSUMED IMAGE: People have often unconscious expectation of what you should look like and how you should act. It’s wise to meet expectations as once satified they smooth the road ahead.

VISUAL IMAGE: All areas of how you look including dress, grooming, facial expression and posture.

EXPERIENCE IMAGE: You in action, your communication skills, people and social skills, body language and vocal sound.

PROVEN IMAGE/REPUTATION: You as experienced over a period of time.
Being aware and working on all areas of your image will get you further, faster than just working on one area.

Possessing a great image is not only about the way you look, it’s also come from the way you think, sound and behave.

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Posted On 15 August, 2022 in First Impressions,Image Consultant by florence