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Shopping without a plan is like going grocery shopping when you are hungry.
Have you ever gone shopping and instead of bringing home something you really needed, you returned with something that ended up as a closet orphan? I bet you have.

May be it was an item on sale that you thought was too good to walk away from, or the too cute dress that with the drop of a dress size will look just PERFECT or the boots that you lusted over all season and were so in but after you purchased them they went quickly out of style.

We’ve all been here.

The truth is the savvy shopper buys to a plan and only what will work in her wardrobe and for her lifestyle, personality and shape. That means knowing what you have and what you need to fill the gaps and expand your choices.

Next time before heading out the door for some retail therapy, take a moment to check your closet and target your mind on finding the items that will truly enhance your figure, style and wardrobe.


Do you waste time and effort on clothes you rarely or never wear?
Do you like what’s in your wardrobe and it is filled with things that are YOU?
Let me take the stress out of your style by facilitating a wardrobe revamp for you. I will go through your closet and help find the heroes, the undiscovered outfits and eliminate the clutter.

Turn your closet visits into times of INSPIRATION NOT FRUSTRATION.

I offer personal in person style and color consultations.

PM me for further details.

Posted On 8 July, 2022 in Personal Shopping by florence