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The fashion industry knows a secret that many women don’t.
There is a range of colors that suits everyone. You see them in the stores every season. They are colors that have a specific set of mind-range qualities that when combined are perfect for bridesmaid dresses, uniforms and garment gifts to someone you don’t know well.These colors are;
Neither very warm or cool in TEMPERATURE.
Between medium light and medium dark in DEPTH/VALUE
Are neither obviously bright and clear or dull and grayed in INTENSITY.

So what about the other colors – Orange, yellow, red, black, brown?
Can you wear them?
Ah, that depends on your unique coloring your skin, eyes, hair and level of contrast. A color analysis unlocks your specific and perfect range of colors that when worn will make an amazing difference to the way you look. And people will notice.

Posted On 1 February, 2022 in Color Analysis by florence