Image Makeover

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Are you looking to elevate your image through your appearance?

Life transitions such as a job promotion, a new job or different seasons of our personal lives can require us to elevate our Image.

Our aim is to help you show up for every occasion polished and distinguished in your appearance.

It’s has been said that people usually have first impressions of you within 3 seconds and the first impression anyone will ever make about you is usually determined by your appearance.

We all need first impressions for making our lives happen for different occasions such as; going for a job interview, meeting potential business clients, going out for a date, a party or a wedding etc.

When you dress well, people normally judge you wealthy, confident, capable, intelligent and successful.

Through our image makeover consultation, depending on your needs, we will help you to create a new image that attracts success in your personal & professional life.

This consultation includes the following services: a hair style guide, colour analysis & personal styling.

Duration = 3hrs